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The New Atlantis: Open Letter on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

The New Atlantis: Power Metals

Draft Critical Minerals List 2021: Submitted Comment to U.S. Geological Survey

The New Atlantis: Starcraft as Statecraft

Financial Times: Washington metals list is a make-believe intervention 

Naval War College Review: Oilcraft: The Myths of Scarcity and Security that Haunt U.S. Energy Policy by Robert Vitalis, reviewed

Wall Street Journal: Biden’s Power Over Energy

Caravan Notebook (Hoover Institution): Unsalvageable Phenomena

The New Atlantis: The Demon of Bureaucratic Chaos

TechCrunch: Nuclear waste recycling is a critical avenue of energy innovation

National Interest: The Quad Won’t Be Built In A Day, So Start Now

National Interest: The Hidden Dangers of the New Flagship Tool of U.S. Economic Statecraft

Washington Examiner: The debate about energy pipelines misses the point

Defense One: America’s Stockpiles Are Hardly Strategic

Process Over Promise: The First 100 Days of the Biden-Harris Energy Policy [errata]

Agency Review Teams 101: A primer on the first wave of the Presidential Transition

in the press

Washington Examiner: Top Energy Republicans Demand Answers on SPR's Integrity

The Wire: Climate Consensus

Washington Examiner: White House asks Congress for $500M to modernize Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Washington Examiner: Biden Administration Sells Final Tranche of Emergency Oil Stockpile

National Review: Strategic Petroleum Reserve Releases Could Damage Storage Facilities

Washington Examiner: Trump NSC staffer warns SPR is at physical risk

Washington Examiner: The limits — and possibilities — Biden faces in ordering more SPR releases

Washington Examiner: Biden oil reserve sale: How much it will raise and what the government could have made

Washington Examiner: Four options for Biden to lower gas prices

Reuters: Biden White House wades into oil market management with stockpile release

Washington Examiner: China faces big risks if it wants to access Afghanistan’s mineral wealth

Reuters: Cyberattack exposes lack of required defenses on U.S. pipelines

E&E News: What Biden's battery order means for EVs, DOE

E&E News: DOE program may save — or thwart — Biden's energy plan

E&E News: Tribal, renewable needs offer early conflict for Haaland

S&P Global Platts: Biden's softer stance on international sanctions unlikely to trigger big waves in oil markets

Washington Examiner: Trump gives critical minerals mining 11th hour boost through loan program made famous by Solyndra

E&E News: Trump does U-turn on DOE loans for clean energy

Bloomberg: Biden Begins Formal Transition After Trump Yields on GSA Process

Reuters: Trump sanctions could give Biden a bargaining chip in deal talks with Iran

Washington Examiner: Trump's first-term gains for oil industry could be undone by Biden

E&E News: Murkowski staffer launches energy consulting firm

Politico: Movers & Shakers

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